Something that I realised (福利秀)

When Leehom and Jinglei returned to Taiwan, Leehom didn’t want the media to take pictures of her. He even attempted to block their cameras with his hands, sth he has never done before. That dashed my hopes of seeing Leehom introducing Jinglei at the free show because I thought he didn’t want the public to intrude on their privacy, esp Jinglei’s. However, at the show itself, he was the one who mentioned Jinglei first and did not hesitate to ask her to be with him on stage to cut the 1314 cake. He called her out three times and Jinglei appeared to be really shy about it. She wanted to leave immediately after cutting the cake and the fans had to call her back because they wanted to give her something. She is so cute! We were all really happy and taking plenty of pictures. I realise Leehom only stopped being protective of Jinglei when he’s with us, the fans. It’s like, he treats us as family and knows we love her too. xD

So these are my thoughts after attending the free show.

It’s more personal and less about the actual event. It’s taken from a comment I left on a Leehom’s post about the show. I don’t think he’ll ever read it but I’m glad I was inspired enough to finally write something to him!

Hi Leehom, not harboring any hope that you will read this but I’m going to write it down anyway, for my own sake. I just want to say a big thank you for the wonderful show. I’ve listened to your music since I was a teenager.

As a child, I was aware that an artist called Wang Leehom exists, but I wasn’t a fan because I was into cute british boybands back then. I heard your album by chance and that was the point where I “discovered” mandopop. It was the greatest feeling ever, discovering real music. I remember I was 14, dying to hug you not because you’re hot but because I wanted to cry and thank you for making that music. It was the first time I felt that way, making me realised that previously, I was listening to music with my heart and ears closed. You have influenced me a great deal, I have a greater appreciation for music because of you.

But now that I’m in my early twenties, I thought I’ve outgrown you because I stopped listening to your music after you released 十八般舞艺. It used to be such a big part of my life. I was depressed about everything in my life including the fact that I stopped finding joy in your songs. :(

But the show reminded me of all the reasons why I fell in love with your music many years ago. It was great hearing rarities like 需要人陪 and 你可以告诉我 你还爱谁, that song used to make me cry. xD I’ve always wanted to hear you perform these songs live, never thought it’d happen. Was happy to learn that a lot of fans felt the same way, that we want to listen to the “b-side” songs as well, instead of just hearing Kiss Goodbye or Forever Love all the time (although I don’t mind, these are the songs that tear down the barriers between the Leehom-fans and the non-Leehom fans).

It was a lot of fun seeing you on stage jamming with your bandmates. You should release a live album titled “the free show jam sessions” hahah. More 福利 for us, so we can re-live the memories in our mp3 players.. :D I really love those re-arrangments you guys did, esp for ai de te di. I love that song!!!

It’s so surreal to hear that you’re married but it’s nice seeing your wife, she is so cute. Although I don’t know you personally, but it comes from my heart that I wish you and your wife all the happiness in the world! It’s beautiful how music can bring us all together. Will forever love you! More excited for your new album now, it’s been a while!


I managed to get the ticket. I AM GOING TO THE FREE SHOW. YAY!!! I am so excited now! Crying tears of joy hahah. Spending the last day of 2013 and first day of 2014 with Leehom. 真的是1314!! Thank you, Leehom. It has always been my little dream to see you live and up close in a small-scale concert such as this. Never thought it’d be possible for an artist of your status.